augmented reality
about us

Using innovative story-based immersive experiences, we move people. We move them emotionally and physically, from place to place. Working within any sector, we fuse theatre, game, cinematic arts, experience design and mixed reality technologies to create award winning events and applications. Our pioneering storytelling projects have been showcased at major galleries, museums, festivals, expos and events, and our team have a wealth of experience from working with Rockstar, BBC, UNESCO, Microsoft, Department for Transport, Innovate UK, Heritage Lottery and the Arts Council.

Engaging audiences in
experiences they will
never forget

History, Touching Hearts
And Minds.

Visual And Audio Production Values
Of The Highest Standard.

Our pioneering storytelling most recent projects:

We’ve done R&D into immersive storytelling techniques using VR (Oculus), AR (Hololens) and AR (on personal devices). Our research shows …
We’re delighted to be working with a new, really inspiring company – Smart Green Shipping, to find new ways to …
Sometimes starting a new business feels a lot like drowning. You thought you were a strong swimmer, you’d done the …

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XR story-based content has many applications. We’re only at the beginning of what we can do…


Content Creation

High Production Values


Mixed Reality

3d, 360 and Virtual Reality

Augmented Reality

App Development, AR Portals

Advertising and Marketing

Digital Out of Home Marketing

Interactive Media

Game play, Merch enhancement
concept art Immersive reality


3D Modeling, Motion Capture and Concept Design

Volumetric Filming and Holograms

Live Action Footage


GPS Trigger Tech

Training and Consultation

Workshop and mentoring