Donkey was originally an R&D prototype to use to explore the possibilities tourism, and of out of home advertising, and she went all over Europe, showing how AR 3D characters can connect customers to new places, and new experiences. Then over Christmas 2019, she was drafted into more important service – she became the face of our campaign to raise awareness about homelessness. Combining our cutting edge immersive technology with story, we created an augmented reality Christmas card. If you print off the pictures on the card, Donkey appears, in your home, and tells you her tale of being homeless, without a stable in winter. We use AR images and overlaid videos which to make images, characters and sound come out of the card.

Working with the team of Andy Burnham’s Mayor’s Charity, we explored the ways in which augmented reality and stories can be part of the campaign to solve the tricky issues surrounding rough sleeping and homelessness.

If you want to experience the Christmas card, you can download our Storyfy AR app, and then point your phone at the pictures on either side of the card. One side will trigger a video with a short story about the donkey, and the other side will trigger the an AR 3D version of Donkey, telling you not to walk on by. Or just point your phone at these images:

AR characters
AR animation

Behind the Scene